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2017 Jewelry Trends

3 Big Jewelry Trends You Must Know for 2017

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Statement Necklaces There is a lot of big and bold going on in the jewelry arena! The first big one is Statement necklaces. Forget the small and simple pendants because it is time for those statement ones. Statement pendants are undoubtedly catchier than the tiny ones. You can try wearing those statement pendants and necklaces

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2017 trends color of the year greenery green pantone

Fashion Trends and Colors 2017

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It seems that this year is all about green, because it is the selected Pantone color of the year, and also blues in various tones, and, continuing presence of pink (oh I love that!). Artistic patterns are in, as well as geometric, so anything using lots of color variation and random pattern, go for it!

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Yarn bombing at the Morris Arboretum Yarn art Yarn love

Inspirations at Yarn Bombing

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Yes, I had never heard of it either! I recently visited Morris Arboretum to see their yarn bombing installation on trees (and a few other places). I found it actually really inspiring, was not expecting that at all. Various trees were wrapped in large knitted or crocheted pieces of very colorful yarn creations. In the

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spring 2016 color trends

Inspirations From Spring 2016 Fashion

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In the winter I have more time to follow the fashion trends and I must say this Spring is very promising! The colors are wonderful – blues and pinks – Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Limpet Shell, Rose Quartz, some peach and yellow. So pretty and fantastic! I have a bunch of Rose quartz in my gem

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etching copper

Etching Experiments

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There are so many techniques to try when it comes to making copper jewelry. I just had to try etching. It requires the use of some chemicals, although I am learning there might be ways to etch using some more natural ingredients. (Hopefully, more on that later.) You can buy these etching kits which makes

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blue patina copper experiment

Patina Play

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It seems that the natural patina process is a very sought after topic right now – I get questions all the time. It’s really a lot of experimenting, and essentially you need to have fun with it. It won’t always work, you might try really hard to fume something for days and your patina all

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